eTicket offers you the ultimate convenience by enabling you to buy and print your tickets from the comfort of your home or office.
For all Black Barn events simply purchase your eTicket via the usual quick online method on our amphitheatre page. Shortly after a booking has been confirmed online, your eTicket is emailed to you at your own email address and is ready to be printed at your home or office.
Each eTicket has a uniquely encrypted barcode to validate entry to events and allow for detection of counterfeit tickets. Simply show us your eTicket and we will scan it at the gate.
It's easy and convenient!

eTicket Purchase and Delivery Information

What is eTicket?
eTicket offers you the ultimate convenience when you book selected events online! Your eTicket is mailed to you so you can print them at your convenience. Each eTicket has a uniquely encrypted barcode to validate entry to events and allow for detection of counterfeit tickets.
How do I buy an eTicket?
To purchase an eTicket you must have:
Web Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher and Firefox 1.0 or higher for PC, Safari 1.3 or higher for Mac.
eTicket must be purchased from our website
Caution: Do not accept an eTicket from an unknown parties as they may not be legitimate.
How do I print an eTicket?
To print an eTicket you must have:
Adobe Reader version 6.0 or above (version 8.0 is recommended). You can get Adobe's latest version of this program, FREE of charge at (
Standard ink-jet or laser printer with resolution of 300dpi or higher.
Please note that colour printing is NOT required.
What if I donít have a printer?
We can print your tickets for you if you donít have a printer.
Simply tick the 'I require my tickets to be printed and posted to me' box when ordering your ticket(s) and check the postal address is correct-Thats it!
Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery.
How do I use my eTicket to gain entry to the event?
On the day of the event, simply take your eTicket(s) with you as you would for any event ticket. Make sure you have a separate eTicket for each person attending. There is one eTicket per attachment and it will print A4 size on one page. Follow the instructions at the bottom of your eTicket and we will scan your eTicket barcode as you enter the venue at the gate specified on your eTicket.
Simply PRINT out your ticket, FOLD it up, and we will SCAN for entry to the event.
Important: Please ensure your eTicket prints within an A4 page (select fit in page option when printing) and do not print it using an old printer i.e. less than 300 dpi.
How do I view my eTicket (PDF file)?
Within a short time of purchase you should receive an email from Black Barn containing your individual eTicket in a PDF format - you will receive one attached PDF file for each ticket you have purchased. Print each attachment with Adobe Acrobat Reader software (version 5.0 or higher) and fold your ticket twice as shown in the instructions on the ticket. If you have ordered more than one eTicket, each one is in a separate attachment to the email and each must be printed separately.
If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, you can get Adobe's latest version of the program, FREE of charge at
Protect your eTicket
Please treat your eTicket as you would CASH or any other valuable. If there are multiple copies of any eTicket, only the first copy scanned on arrival at the event will allow the bearer entry. Thereafter, any additional copies scanned attempting to gain entry to the venue will result in the system displaying the message 'Second Entry'. The person holding that duplicate copy will not be allowed entry the event. Do not give copies of your eTicket to others.
Find a seating map
Black Barn Amphithatre do not allocate seating at concerts, seating is on a first in best seating basis.
A link to a map of Black Barn Amphitheatre will be available to you on the amphitheatre page if you need to find specific gate entrances. Remember, these venue maps are to be used as a guide only!
Please have your eTicket ready prior to arrival at the gate
How do I make a booking if I have special seating requirements (eg wheelchair seating)?
If you have special seating requirements such as wheelchair access, hearing difficulties or you require companion seating please contact our Cellardoor.
Phone 06 877 7985
Alternatively you can contact us online:

Tell us which event you wish to attend and 'I require special access seating'

Most special seating arrangements need to be done through us directly. Where possible Black Barn will book the tickets for you or advise how to proceed.
How do I get a refund, or exchange on my eTicket?
Once a ticket is booked, this is a confirmed purchase and cannot be refunded or exchanged. To ensure all details regarding a booking are correct, each ticket purchase is confirmed at the time of booking. When the "I Agree" icon is clicked, the 'Ticket' confirms the number of tickets purchased, any booking or service fees to be added, and the total cost of the transaction. By proceeding to enter your customer details, you have accepted that the details of your booking are correct.
What happens if I have a problem with eTicket?
If you lose your eTicket you can:
Reprint it, or
Email us with an explanation and we will reissue your eTicket(s) to the email address advised at the time of your purchase. To do this click on "Contact Us", then use "eTicket replacement" as your subject type. Be sure to advise all the details of your initial purchase (i.e. date of purchase, event, confirmation number and account number) to assist us in reissuing your eTicket(s). For any queries, please contact us.
How do I configure my Hotmail settings to receive eTicket?
If you are registered to a hotmail address, please note the following tips to ensure that you receive your eTicket(s) without delay:
If you have a junk mail filter on your hotmail account, please ensure that the following email addresses are added to your Safe List: ,, If they are not added, your eTicket(s) may be moved to the Junk Mail folder of your hotmail account and automatically deleted after 7 days.
Each eTicket attachment size is anywhere between 40KB - 105KB so please ensure that you have enough storage space in your email account to receive an email of that size.
How do I configure my Outlook Express settings to receive eTicket?
In order for your eTicket to arrive in your inbox with the eTicket attachment please follow the instruction prior to purchasing:
Go to the Tools menu
Choose Options and go to the tab labeled Security.
Uncheck the box next to the following: "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened which may potentially be a virus".
Your eTicket(s) will be always be attached in PDF format. An eTicket file name will look like: BB22522-1.pdf.
I am a Mac user and my eTicket does not have a barcode
The Preview software shipped with Mac OSX is unable to display the eTicket barcode information. If you are a Mac user you will need to:
Choose to save your eTicket file(s) to disk.
Open your eTicket using Adobe Reader version 6.0 or above (version 8.0 is recommended). Print your eTicket.
What if someone makes a copy of my eTicket?
You can make a back-up copy of your eTicket, however its unique barcode allows one entry only. If multiple copies are made, the first person to arrive at the event with the eTicket will gain entry. Subsequent holders of eTicket with the same barcode will be denied entry.
For example, if you buy a ticket for you and your friend and, instead of printing each ticket out you print the first ticket and photocopy it, your friend will be denied entry because their ticket will have the same barcode as yours. Conversely, if you buy an eTicket from a hawker at an event you have no guarantee that they have not printed multiple copies of that eTicket and sold them to others.
If an ownership issue arises, you will be required to produce photo ID and the credit card used to make the booking to confirm your identity/seating entitlement. In this respect, you should only purchase an eTicket if you are planning to personally attend the event.
Do not purchase eTicket(s) from unknown parties - they may not be legitimate.
What if a show is cancelled/postponed?
If an event is cancelled or postponed you will need to contact Black Barn Vineyards.
In most cases, for refunds, your tickets must be returned to the place where they purchased from. If you purchased online or through the Black Barn Vineyards Cellardoor please contact Customer Service for further assistance.
Do I have access to the same tickets on-line as I would over the counter?
Yes. Black Barn sales software is designed to sell tickets from simultaneous points of sale. At any one time both the website and cellardoor sales points are able to sell eTicket, with all tickets sold on the basis of the best available at the precise time of booking. All points of sale have access to the same availability and event information.
Secure Online Transactions
If you make a purchase through our website, we process your credit card details securely over the Internet using a ASB-accredited Internet payment security system. With the combination of's Verisign SSL encryption at our website and a secure browser at your end, we take all measures to ensure that your credit card and anonymity are protected when you purchase online.