Black Barn Kitchen

Black Barn Kitchen - We love local

This may come as a bit of a shock to some of you but we want you to cast your minds back. Back to the days when the pleasure of shopping and browsing and discovering something new didn't involve a click, a buy button, a cart, Paypal, a shipping quote or a rapid demand for a review.
That's right; the new Black Barn Kitchen wants you to come to us.

We promise to reward you with one of the best Kitchen browsing and shopping experiences around.

The fridges are also stocked with casual meals, everything from fresh pasta to family lasagna and stunning lamb or beef pies; all made fresh in Hawke's Bay kitchens. As are our range of preserves and pickles such as horseradish cream, greengage chutney, quince jelly, fig and ginger jam and a whole lot more. Then there is also a decent range of olive oils, sauces, coffee, cheeses and charcuterie - you get the idea.

One very important thing you will never find in the kitchen, however, is any food or produce that is grown or produced more than 20km from the Kitchen itself. Every food item is supplied by Hawke's Bay's amazing growers and producers and nothing but. Why would you ever want to go further?
Outside food, though, a whole world of kitchen ideas, useful gadgets, great gifts, and smart design opens up. We are constantly searching for fresh, original, inspiring, and new.

So that's us in about the same time it would have taken you to shop the world online - but go on, admit it, there's no fun in that.

We hope to see you in the flesh in the Kitchen very soon - right where the BB Gallery was. Open 7 days 10 to 4 - but usually later because people won't leave.