The Cabana | Cocktail Event

For your cocktail event or casual standing presentation, The Cabana is ultimately flexible.
You can have simply bar leaners and no seating or we can provide some seating if required.
Standing, the Cabana can take a maximum of 50 guests.

We can provide a cocktail station and bar staff with pass-around snacks or platters.
 + Or you can hire our expert winery team and have a wine tasting followed by chats and snacks.
 + Or you could host clients and have a presentation followed by drinks and snacks.
 + Or if you prefer, you could have your presentation in the Cabana and then take your clients through to the Bistro for dinner.

Room hire

+ $575 with a maximum occupancy duration of 4 hours.

Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and requirements, and we’d be happy to talk it through.

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